FAQ AIR SONIC fragrance oils - What ingredients does fragrance oil have?

The exact composition of fragrances is always a well-kept secret in our industry. However, there are some important distinctions that can help you choose your home fragrance.

  • Natural – These components consist of essential oils that are contained in plants or parts of plants. Sometimes scents are also called “100% natural” These do not contain any synthetic fragrances.
  • Nature-identical – In this process, natural fragrances are artificially created in the laboratory. Nature-identical substances are very important in the fragrance and food industries because many aromas are very difficult to extract naturally and are therefore usually produced synthetically (e.g. sandalwood, coconut, vanilla, roses). In addition, nature-identical flavors are significantly cheaper than natural substances and are therefore usually preferred for industrial production.
  • Synthetic – These fragrances have no precedent in nature and are entirely created in the fragrance laboratory. There are no limits to your imagination and in fact many of the distinctive top notes of famous perfumes were originally created in test tubes.