Your diverse fragrance experience

Minimalism and diversity combined - classic scents with modern design.
Our semi-transparent and matt bottles and candle jars reflect the timeless collection and can be perfectly integrated into different living areas.

The CLASSIC fragrances

The Classic Line impresses with the variety of its timeless scents. From floral scents like Jardin and Orchidée, to more bitter notes like Cuir, Cachemire and Noir, to more subtle scents like Blanc and Balance.
Whether as a room fragrance or scented candle, everyone can give their home a special ambience with a scent from this modern line.


Your bottle

Depending on the line, the elegant and unique bottle shines with a polished shine or a matt, slightly frosty look.

Frequently asked questions

How long does a scented candle burn?
Depending on the size of the scented candle, it burns for 23 to 50 hours.
Why do I no longer perceive the ipuro scent as intensely?

The sense of smell has become accustomed to the scent, which gives the impression that the effect is wearing off (similar to body perfume).

Our tip: change the scent.

Your perfect car scent

Is your car your very own place of well-being? The CLASSIC car fragrances resemble the shape of our iconic room fragrance bottle and provide pleasant smells and promote concentration and inner peace when driving.

How does a car fragrance work?

The car fragrance is attached to the ventilation slots in the cockpit. The air freshener is distributed slowly and evenly throughout the entire interior via the air flow from the ventilation or air conditioning system. You can also get the refill modules in our shop. We recommend replacing your car fragrances about every three months. 

Does car fragrance help against bad smells?

Unpleasant smells last a long time in the car, especially in the upholstery that is difficult to wash. Our car fragrances neutralize bad odors and help with minor and major mishaps such as accidentally spilling liquids in the vehicle. Even those who take their dogs with them in the car will quickly appreciate car perfume. In addition to car fragrance, our room sprays also help to counteract strong odors.

How long does a car scent last?
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CLASSIC Handeife

Dufterlebnisse vereint mit veganen effektiven Reinigungskomponenten, die für
geschmeidige, sauber Händer sorgen.  

Häufige Fragen

Sind die Seifen vegan? 
Ja, die ipuro Classic Handseifen sind zu 100% vegan.  
Sind die Seifen dermatologisch getestet?
Ja, die Classic Seifen sind dermatologisch getestet worden.
Enthalten die Seifen Mikroplastik?
Nein, die Classic Flüssigseifen sind frei von Mikroplastik sowie frei von tierischen Inhaltsstoffen (vegan), Parabenen, Sulfaten (SLS und SLES), synthetischen Duftstoffen, Phtalaten, Silikonen, Mineralöl, PEGs und Formaldehyden. 

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Be inspired by a variety of room fragrances and scented candles, enveloped in diverse designs and distinctive scents. Choose your moment.


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