Your luxurious fragrance experience

Perfect fragrance experiences and sophisticated design, the EXCLUSIVE fragrances, combine craftsmanship and sensuality. Experience the world of perfumers up close and enjoy these extraordinary compositions made from the finest raw materials.

Our collection is inspired by the most beautiful places of longing, such as Kyoto, Abu Dhabi, Croatia, Nairobi and Cape Town, and allows the place of longing to move into your own home.

The EXCLUSIVE fragrances

The Exclusive Line combines exclusive scents with luxurious design.

The scents take you from the desert of Arabia to the untouched nature of Croatia.

Room fragrances and candles shine with a great shine with a high-quality diamond cut and metallic finish.

Discover feve tonka

Feve tonka

Sweet as dessert! Warm vanilla and aromatic tonka beans meet black nuances of rose. A noble, powdery and creamy composition.

Find your moment

Be inspired by a variety of home fragrances and scented candles, enveloped in luxurious design and distinctive scents. Choose your moment.

oud intense

Mysterious treasure hunt

A fascinating treasure hunt through the diverse Orient: glittering saffron, magical incense and balsamic sandalwood merge with opulent oud chords.

Frequently asked questions

How long does a scented candle burn?
Depending on the size of the scented candle, it burns for 23 to 50 hours.
Why do I no longer perceive the ipuro scent as intensely?

The sense of smell has become accustomed to the scent, which gives the impression that the effect is wearing off (similar to body perfume).

Our tip: change the scent.


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